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Headquest began in the 90’s as a business-to-business trade magazine for the Counter-Culture marketplace. We then expanded exposure for our supported industries by taking the magazine online. Now, we’ve partnered with The SSE Group, LLC, producers of the most unique and productive business-to-business conferences in the counter-culture industries, and brought in innovative, cutting-edge technology.  By combining Headquest’s platform with SSE Group’s production talents, we allow you to focus your time at the trade-show seeing, being seen, and talking about what you’ve seen, knowing your leads are collected, your information disbursed and your time used efficiently.

The (r)Evolution continues as we invite our Industries to come together, right now, with technology.

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Linda Biglow

Senior Account Executive

The HQ Event

Phone: 419-704-6734

Richie Caughhorn

Senior Account Executive

The HQ Event

Phone: 419-704-0226



Director of Sales

The HQ Event

Phone: 330-472-3620

Dawn Farrell

Senior Account Executive

The HQ Event

Phone: 419-262-5767

Nick Popoff

Senior Account Executive

The HQ Event

Phone: 419-280-3592

Denver Paige

Sales Manager

The HQ Event

Phone: 419-704-0597

Sandy Caputo
Director of Marketing & Sales - Show Guide
Phone : (505) 275-6049

Monica Fresquez

Account Representative - Show Guide

Phone: 505-489-3285

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