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Despite every curveball C19 could throw and every (seemingly random!) change regulators could implement, The HQ Event was off to strong start in 2021!

Check out the history on this professionals-only/closed to the public, business-to-business trade show that brings the highest per-attendee revenue and return on investment of both your time and money. 


Our inaugural HQ Event was the first trade show allowed in the state of Louisiana after the pandemic shut-downs began. We worked hand-in-hand with the Governor's office, the city of New Orleans, and the Morial Convention Center to bring a sensational and healthy event to the Big Easy. Louisiana was so excited, we enjoyed news coverage from every major television station in the city, plus print as well, including booth and product shots. Best of all, our attendees gave us stellar ratings on both the commercial and safety front!

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Vegas 21 Flashback.jpg

Our business model of keeping our shows strictly business-to-business and professional paid off big-time at Las Vegas '21.  When regulators of this legalized cannabis state decided to implement exceedingly grey-area regulations on an entire division of our exhibitors, we worked with our own legal team to ensure the rights of ALL exhibitors were protected. No shut-downs/full-speed ahead on all trade show floor operations.  Add to that what has been proclaimed to be the best, highest-quality party the industry has seen complete with live entertainment, mermaids and swimming pool cannon-balls, and you get the idea why some attendees proclaim The HQ Event to be the best, most productive trade show in the industry!