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An Up-Scale, Next-Generation Booth Show bringing Industry Professionals together to Connect and Prosper in an Ever-Evolving Marketplace. 

PROFESSIONAL, state-of-the-art technology upgrades are long overdue.  It's time for the trade shows in the Counter-Culture Industries to evolve. Just as the energy, consumer electronics, agricultural, automotive, and every other major trade show has kept pace with new technology and trends, The HQ Event will bring you industry innovative items and cutting-edge hi-tech advancement to increase the return on investment of your trade show and marketing budget. 

POWERFUL technology will make it easy for you to power up your face-to-face connections. Our mobile event app keeps you up to speed with real-time updates delivering time-sensitive and specialized schedules and more before, during, and after The HQ Event. The app also offers advance appointment scheduling as well as one-to-one, attendee-to-attendee messaging that boasts privacy controls, quick searches and message blocking.

PRODUCTIVE trade shows are often measured by the number of leads, opportunities, and return on investment that comes out of the events.  The HQ Event offers you the capabilities of reporting and analytics, lead capture, and social media engagement.